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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Brain Power Advisors helped me identify my brain's natural strengths and weaknesses, and create processes to help me reduce my level of stress. Going through the Executive Power Process helped me better understand how I can get in my own way and what I can do to more effectively short circuit those patterns.”

- Anonymous CEO

“I saved an hour and 20 minutes a day.”

- Anonymous Executive VP

“I actually enjoy work again.”

- Anonymous Senior Business Consultant

“I get to spend more time with my wife now.”

- Anonymous Executive VP

“I have better communication with my employees.”

- Anonymous CFO

“Like many business leaders, I sometimes had trouble keeping track of everything that needed to be done at work and home. Dr. Pollard helped me understand my brain’s natural abilities and worked with me to apply the tools that leveraged my natural strengths to better manage details, events, or tasks that need to be accomplished. I now spend less time worrying about remembering which tasks I need to accomplish and more time getting things done.”

- Ken Kinka, General Manager of Starmount Forest Country Club

“I worked with Dr. Karen to help with my focus and to change work habits that were impeding my productivity, which consequently left little time and energy to work on my business. Going through the process was a game-changer for me in understanding how my brain works and processes information. I am much more productive with my time and better equipped to approach strategic projects. I am aware of the pitfalls that inhibit my productivity and keep me bogged down needlessly in the nitty gritty. I came away with tactical solutions and a new perspective and am more objective about allocating my time. The scientific approach coupled with the one-on-one performance coaching is highly effective. I highly recommend Dr. Karen and Brain Power Advisors.” 

- Dede Potter, Principal at MI-BOX Triad, Inc

"Before working with Karen, I was struggling with distractability, focus issues, short term memory issues amongst other things. It was super interesting going through her process and seeing the data about how my brain processes things. Through that and her step-by-step action items based on the data, I've been able to improve all the aforementioned issues and find a work flow that I previously didn't have. Well worth it!"

- Brian Siedenburg, Business Owner

“As a professional coach, business owner, and consultant, I feel that I know quite a bit about what makes people successful in business and how to help them achieve their potential.  Brain Power Advisor’s tools added a new layer of depth and power to my own self-understanding.  The immediate impact of our first coaching session blew me away; her coaching combined real data about how MY brain actually works with specific, tactical tools I can use to leverage that knowledge.  With Brain Power, I am creating personal behavior change that increases my performance, uses my time more effectively, and ultimately helps me deliver against my own goals.”

- Patrick Curran, Business Owner, Executive Coach