Coaching Certification Program
Greensboro, NC

Brain Power Advisors is now offering a coaching certification program for existing executive and leadership coaches or qualified mental health professionals in Greensboro, North Carolina who wish to integrate objective strengths-based neuropsychology data into their coaching. All methods used are driven from Dr. Karen Pollard’s scientifically backed methods, including the Super Six™; which we will discuss in more detail after we provide information on what you can expect from the certification training.

The training is designed to be completed within a single day. The goal of the one day certification program is to help coaches understand how to integrate this vital data into their coaching practice to help clients improve efficiency and reduce stress. 

Before attending the one day training, you will complete a Super Six™ Assessment. Your results will then be given to you on the training day so you can use your personal experience to enhance the use of this instrument with your clients. On the day of training you will have time to practice and implement what you have learned about strengths-based neuropsychology with real client examples.

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What You Should Expect From Certification

Super SixBrain Assessment

The Super Six™ Brain Assessment is a big part of the certification program because it is what sets the foundation for the customized results you will receive from the training. Super Six™ is a report based on an objective brain assessment which means it is designed to measure an individual’s strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities based on real data. The assessment results produce dozens of different data points that are connected and interact with one another. Our neuropsychologists analyze the results to identify behavioral patterns, locate potential blind spots, and identify cognitive strengths. Six Super Strengths are determined based on the analysis and are laid out in the Super Six report.

Our Brain Power Advisors are trained not to group clients into categories like a subjective personality assessment. Instead, the report will approach each client as the unique individual they are. The objective data found through the Super Six™ report is a great way to drive coaching or treatment plans that are currently not accessible to coaches.

As a certified Super Six Coach, you will learn how to evaluate your client’s strengths to create a better understanding of how their mind processes information the best. We will teach you how to use this knowledge to enhance brain functions such as concentration, organization, time management, goal setting, memory, communication, and perception. By the end of the full day of training, you will feel empowered to make meaningful changes in your client’s professional lives. 

This program is offered quarterly and available to executive and leadership coaches, as well as qualified mental health professionals.

Benefits of Brain Power Advisor’s Coaching Certification Program

There are many benefits for business and leadership coaches who complete the coaching certification program. Some of our favorite benefits include:

  • Offer greater value to your clients
  • A listing on our Certified Coaches Page 
  • Effectively use objective data about your clients’ brains to help them reach new levels
  • Distinguish yourself and standout from other coaches since this is not offered anywhere at this time
  • Discover your own brain strengths
  • Gain personal benefits in efficiency and effectiveness
  • Access to an online community of certified coaches where you can share ideas, inspiration, and resources all while connecting with like-minded individuals.