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Maximize individual and organizational performance with Brain Power Advisors’ executive coaching services.

Our executive coaching sessions in Greensboro, NC are always confidential and aim to benefit not only the executive, but the company they serve as well. We facilitate meaningful professional and personal growth through careful examination of cognitive profiles and one-on-one development coaching.



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Who Executive Coaching Services Are For

Executive coaching is ideal for any professional with a large-scale leadership role in a given organization or company. This includes executive candidates who are going to be promoted, supervisors who need to take on more responsibility, or management that need some help honing their skills in an existing position. We provide personalized one-on-one coaching for leaders, executives, managers, and more.

  • C-Suite Executives or C-Level Directors
  • High-Level Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Any Professional Being Groomed For More Responsibility
  • Newly Promoted Managers, Directors, or Other Executives

Why Hire An Executive Coach

CEOs, Presidents, upper-level managers, directors, etc. may choose to work with an executive coach independent of their organization to improve managerial skills. Oftentimes progressive, forward-thinking companies elect to hire an executive coach as a way of investing in their top leaders.

Executive coaches can be retained to work with current leaders and managers who may have issues with staff morale and retention. Our coaching techniques are designed to help individuals prepare themselves for new, executive responsibilities, promote qualified candidates from within, or address problematic managerial styles. We help executives develop the organizational and leadership skills that support the growth of their career and the organization.

Even if you are satisfied with your performance and work-life balance, executive coaching can help you to fulfill your untapped potential and avoid the frustrating career obstacles and roadblocks that can appear ahead. Prioritize the enhancement of your own productivity while reducing professional friction by using one-on-one coaching today.

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Executive Coaching Benefits Everyone, Not Just The Executive

While executive coaching services can benefit executives, the beneficial ripple effects can impact just about every aspect of your business, including:


  • The company, corporation, business, or organization as a whole
  • Employees, colleagues, subordinates, and other staff members including HR representatives
  • Customers, clients, and consumers
  • Shareholders


CEO coaching helps to prepare individuals for handling high-stress situations, intense conflict, and increased responsibility Executives who work regularly with a coach become more self-aware, developing a robust set of communication skills, with a stronger foundation on which to build and grow.


Executives who receive our coaching are better able to evaluate themselves and others. They can effectively analyze unexpected situations and evaluate new ideas. The initial investment in executive coaching pays off for the company, improving the morale of staff and employees. The benefits can trickle down to business partners, clients and consumers.

What An Executive Coach Does

Executive coaches have experience working with top-level professionals with large amounts of responsibility. They support executives by training them to embrace strengths, perceive the world more objectively, and utilize data-proven methods for feedback and behavioral pattern recognition. Our services enable professionals to make personal improvements that can: 


  • Facilitate professional growth
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Develop Positive behavioral patterns
  • Build confidence
  • Encourage productive relationships
  • Support decisions based on strategic thinking


Much like a football coach who doesn’t take the field, executive coaches do not make decisions for the executive or company. Coaches instead help our clients to grow as professional individuals and vital components of corporations through regular, confidential coaching sessions.

Leadership is about empowering executives to pursue greatness in a career and as an individual for the benefit of the corporation they serve. Organizations that prioritize learning and development to support executives in their roles and careers may experience less turnover, higher morale, and increased productivity.

Become More Successful With Executive Coaching

Brain Power Advisors have worked with individuals in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and throught North Carolina's Triad to harness their unique capabilities and coach them on how to use them to their advantage. Our coaching methodologies are built on clinical psychological foundations and fine-tuned to each individual executive.

The success of your team and your company not only depends on your work, but the work of others. We can help you to think critically and strategically to identify blindspots in order to resolve them. We help executives to set segmented goals and create action plans that guide their professional development for long-lasting results.

What To Expect With Executive Coaching Services

One size does not fit all. We begin every coaching program getting to know the executive, by performing an introductory evaluation. We get to know you, your objectives, and your strengths to best support you through your professional career. Brain Power Advisors assess your leadership skills and align them with your personality and strengths. Together we create an individualized action plan that promotes entrepreneurship, competitiveness, and compassionate leadership.

Brain Power Advisors will design a personalized toolkit specifically for you. Each toolkit is a set of skills, techniques, and tactics that enable you to navigate your day as a high-level executive. We’ll teach you how to better manage and communicate with colleagues, superiors, and subordinates. You will understand how to successfully navigate through an increasingly complex business environment that may be new to you.

You’ll learn stress management techniques, how to manage your own behavioral reactions, and how to evaluate other individuals and situations. Develop the skills necessary to prioritize and set goals to reach your full potential and achieve your goals. Learn about the broadening and deepening coaching methodology developed by clinical psychologists who have worked with thousands of satisfied clients.

Start Growing With Brain Power Advisors

Ready to take your executive skills to the next level? Brain Power Advisors is local, professional Greensboro, North Carolina executive coach. We pride ourselves on forming long-lasting relationships with the executives we coach. We believe in longevity, measurable outcomes, and meaningful growth. Brain Power Advisors deliver what you expect from executive corporate coaching.

Our team of expert coaches has created various leadership development programs, all of which we customize to each client. We provide the necessary training and support to be successful in achieving your goals as an executive.

We Help Good Leaders Become Great Leaders

The first step is to get a coach that will help you create a roadmap towards your goal. Call us or contact us online to set up your initial executive coaching session. Get started on your path to confidence and success today.