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What Could Unlocking Your Brain's Potential Mean for You?

Increase Efficiency
Reduce Stress
Maximize Productivity

Failing To Understand How Your Brain Works Is Costing You.

Missing Details
Not Remembering Important Information
Struggling to Stay Organized
Failing to Complete Projects On Time
Trouble Focusing
Problems with Multitasking

Our Executive Power Process Helps You Discover Your Unique Capabilities and Leverage them for Success.

Step 1
Begin With Complete Brain Assessment

During this interactive experience, you will work directly with a brain power expert for 1.5-2 hours to uncover your 44 natural abilities in the 6 major domains of thinking.

Step 2
Receive Personalized Performance Toolkit

Once your unique processing power is identified, the experts at Brain Power Advisors will develop a plan specifically for you with tools that you can use to maximize your brain's potential.

Step 3
Participate in Coaching to Maximize Potential

Since every person and every situation is unique, Brain Power Advisors will be with you every step of the way as you apply the tools developed specifically for you. This coaching process allows each person to achieve maximum benefit.

Here Is What One Of Our Clients Had To Say:

Brain Power Advisors helped me identify my brain's natural strengths and weaknesses, and create processes to help me reduce my level of stress. Going through the Executive Power Process helped me better understand how I can get in my own way and what I can do to more effectively short circuit those patterns. - Anonymous CEO

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Karen Pollard, PsyD

Dr. Pollard is a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in neuropsychology, so she understands, at a deep level, the complex and unique ways that a person's brain processes information. She has over a decade of experience in neuropsychology and has seen the incredible life changes that occur when people are clued into their unique ways of thinking and are empowered to maximize their brain's potential. She has worked with thousands of people during her career and has a passion for witnessing the moment when they develop a true appreciation for their brain's power and know they can use it to achieve greatness.

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Complete Brain Assessment
Personalized Performance Toolkit
Coaching to Maximize Potential
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