Coaching Services

Brain Power Advisors works with managers, directors, executives, human resource (HR) representatives, and other working professionals to unlock the hidden potential of their brains. Dr. Karen Pollard of Brain Power Advisors has developed a data-driven method for assessing abilities, identifying strengths, and applying effective strategies.

Each client begins with an objective Brain Assessment protocol which can reveal over forty natural abilities across six major domains of thinking. Once your abilities and strengths are exposed, Brain Power Advisors works with you to create a toolkit filled with resources to help you make meaningful changes in the workplace. Some of the specific coaching services we offer include:

Our clients use business coaching services to gain a competitive advantage in the workplace, prepare for business-related decisions, and identify strategies to combat workplace stagnation. Ideal for individuals, business owners, managers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals.

Top-level executives and soon-to-be higher level managers benefit from executive coaching with Brain Power Advisors. Executive coaching is thoughtfully designed to prepare new executives for the greater challenges ahead, and support well-seasoned leaders through their careers.

Ideal for individuals, teams, departments, and even entire organizations. Leadership coaching turns personnel management into a meaningful passion to inspire and drive those around you.

Brain Power Advisors unlocks your brain’s undiscovered potential

Our scientifically-backed methods are driven by Dr. Karen Pollard, a licensed neuropsychologist. With years of education and proven experience, Brain Power Advisors is ready to help you get to the next level of your career, or adjust to a workplace transition. We work with a wide variety of professionals including:

  • Highly motivated individuals or associates
  • Employees who feel stagnant, are ready for a change, or are striving for a promotion
  • Both new and already seasoned executives
  • Mid-level managers
  • Team leads
  • Directors
  • HR representatives
  • Entrepreneurs
  • And more

Work with a licensed neuropsychologist who specializes in professional coaching services. Brain Power Advisors helps you to develop a clearer vision, enhance your workplace performance, and achieve long-lasting results.

Book your consultation today and schedule a brain assessment to uncover your unique, innate abilities. By working together, you can gain powerful insights into how your own brain works. Call us or contact us online today.