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Teams consist of different people, or different groups, across an organization. Teams work together to optimize efficiency, maximize potential, and accomplish a common goal. Whether your organization’s teams are built around concepts, processes, or products, it’s important to build a strong, cohesive unit. By doing so, the individual employees, team members, and the business itself all benefit.

Brain Power Advisors works with companies, organizations, and businesses to build effective leadership teams. Karen Pollard, licensed clinical psychologist, is the founder and owner of Brain Power Advisors. By harnessing her in-depth knowledge about neuropsychology, she’s able to provide corporate teams with robust tools including:

  • More effective communication
  • Well-developed problem-solving skills
  • And more

Many of the leadership teams that work with Brain Power Advisors see increased efficiency, more productivity, innovative ideas, and a boost in morale. Consult with us today to schedule a consultation and start growing today.

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Our Approach to Leadership Team Building

Brain Power Advisors has developed a signature approach to leadership team development that is backed by data and science. Our process has two major components, each working together to produce a stronger team.

Individual Brain Assessments

We’ve compiled a streamlined, objective brain assessment that identifies 44 different data points. We can analyze these data points from an individual’s assessment to determine what their unique strengths are, and understand how they can be leveraged for engendering personal growth.

By gaining powerful insights into how your brain works as an individual, you can learn how to maximize your own potential. Your new confidence and mindset can carry over to positively affect the other members of the leadership team. Brain Power Advisors recommends individual coaching after completing a Brain Assessment to harness those newly discovered strengths and engage with them.

Leveraging Individual’s Strengths

Once we’ve completed individual Brain Assessments for each member in the leadership team, we can start leveraging them to build a strong, cohesive unit. This is where we’ll discuss each individual’s cognitive “super strengths” and identify how to use them towards reaching a common goal in the organization.

Many companies aim to improve communication skills between team members, improve the efficiency of the business as a whole, or work towards a more positive work environment. Regardless of the goal, Brain Power Advisors helps leadership teams maximize and optimize in order to reach them.

Executive Business Meeting

Is Leadership Team Training Right For My Company?

Teamwork fosters ingenuity, innovation, improved morale, and other benefits. By engaging in leadership team training with Brain Power Advisors, you’re partnering with a licensed clinical psychologist and proven data-driven methods for optimizing potential.

Typically our leadership team workshops are for smaller groups of managers, c-level executives, and other top-level professionals. We usually work in groups of between two to eight people to build an effective leadership team using the individual strengths of each member. Brain Power Advisors caters to many different types of businesses, companies, and industries including:

  • National and international corporations
  • Advertising and public relations agencies
  • Healthcare and medical professionals
  • Law firms
  • And more

If you aren’t sure how leadership team building can benefit your organization, give Brain Power Advisors a call or contact us online. We’re ready to answer any questions you may have about leadership teams, coaching, and other effective approaches to building better businesses.

Leadership Team Training

For larger groups and teams, Brain Power Advisors offers comprehensive monthly and/or quarterly training sessions. These sessions focus on:

  • Impacting efficiency
  • Improving productivity
  • Streamlining communication
  • Identifying and setting goals

For more information about our monthly and quarterly training sessions, contact us to schedule a consultation. We can discover the hidden potential of your team and identify ways to reach your goals faster.

Building Strong Leadership Teams for a Stronger Organization

Your organization is built on the foundation of several teams. Why not take advantage of strengthening leadership to get closer towards your goals? Brain Power Advisors understands how effective leadership team building can be which is why we’re able to help clients:

  • Build more agile business models
  • Streamline daily operations
  • Enhance professional relationships and build trust
  • Encourage creative problem solving with innovation solutions
  • And more

For a more effective organization, start with your leadership. Identify the individual strengths of your managers and c-level executives to drive your company towards accomplishing its goals.

Let Us Help Unlock Your Potential To Be Highly Effective At Achieving Lasting And Positive Change

Brain Power Advisors Unlocks Your Potential

Backed by years of experience and data-driven methods, Karen Pollard of Brain Power Advisors is a licensed clinical psychologist who helps enhance the potential of leadership teams. Consult with us for leadership team building, individual and team coaching, and monthly or quarterly training sessions.

We can unlock hidden potential to help you harness the power of your own brain! Call us or contact us online today to jump start your productivity.