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From established executives to entry-level associates, every professional can benefit from business coaching services. Our Greensboro, North Carolina professional coaching firm specializes in highly personalized business coaching programs that are designed to maximize potential. We apply the best practice coaching models to help you practice self-awareness, set smarter goals, and take control of your brain’s innate abilities.

Brain Power Advisors has helped countless individuals accomplish their professional goals, including:

  • Small business owners looking to expand and grow
  • Entrepreneurial ventures and startups
  • Successful executive development
  • Development of effective leadership skills
  • Career transition and daily obstacle navigation

Many profitable businesses invest in business coaching services to help their employees, management, and company grow. Young professionals utilize business coaching to become more confident and competitive in the workforce. Top-level executives consult with business coaches to enhance performance, maximize leadership abilities, or navigate stressful career transitions.

Brain Power Advisors facilitates powerful personal development that is critical for professional success. We’ve been helping people overcome limiting doubts, avoid life’s obstacles, unlock unrealized potential, and achieve a more fulfilling balance of reward and energy.

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Signs You Need Personalized Business Coaching Services

Many professionals don’t notice symptoms of stagnation or dissatisfaction until the issues are too large to ignore. Others don’t experience any symptoms and use business coaching services to gain a competitive advantage or avoid professional problems in the future.

If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, it’s certainly time to work with a clinical neuropsychologist to get your career on track, take control of your career, or simply get more done.

You’ve noticed a decrease in focus or drive at work.

Meetings are a challenge to get through. You’re distracted and can’t find your motivation. It’s increasingly more difficult to get ready for work each morning. Maybe you’ve noticed a lack of energy. You’re calling in sick or taking more vacation days lately.

You’re unable to get things done on time, or get them done at all.

Missed deadlines, incomplete tasks, and procrastination accurately describe your typical day. It’s challenging to get started, and even when you do, it’s difficult to finish.

You’re disorganized, frazzled, or overwhelmed.

Maybe your desk is a mess and you just can’t find the time to get it back in order. Your files haven’t been updated or your inbox is overflowing. At the end of the day, you’re left feeling both exhausted and underproductive.

You’re more forgetful and can’t remember important details.

You’re at a loss for words in meetings. Important dates get lost in the cracks. You can’t remember who is responsible for certain tasks. You may be late for important conference calls or completely forget about them until it’s too late.

You’ve reached a plateau.

Your team isn’t cooperating and you’ve run out of solutions as a manager. You’re out of ideas on how to generate more leads or revenue. You need help setting better goals.

You feel lost or can’t see your professional future as clearly as you used to.

Your career’s trajectory used to be crystal clear. Now it’s blurry or nonexistent. You might be feeling stuck, stagnant, or stale. You feel like you need a change in the workplace but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Even if you’re content with your career and future trajectory, consult with a business coach to maintain your satisfaction, enhance performance in the workplace, and navigate day-to-day obstacles including work-life balance.

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Grow With Personalized Business Coaching Services

We provide one-on-one coaching sessions structured for growth. Brain Power Advisors teaches you how to apply smart goal setting and coaching strategies that support long-term results. The impact can be transformational and we have helped countless clients accomplish their professional goals.

  • Accomplish more in less time.

Become a more effective and efficient professional who, simply put, gets things done.

  • Produce better work.

Enhance your professional performance to stand out against co-workers as well as competitors.

  • Develop and nurture important relationships.

Network with peers and increase communication with supervisors and executives. Easily converse face-to-face with greater confidence using the Brain Power toolkit.

  • Self-assess and identify areas of improvement.

Build a cycle of workplace success by continuously evaluating your performance while searching for methods to improve.

  • Make aspirations your reality.

Identifying workplace goals is half the battle. Apply data-driven methodologies to see actual results.

Regardless of what you’re seeking to accomplish, Brain Power Advisors have the resources and experience to help you achieve your professional goals. We introduce new tactics that maximize leverage and use your intelligence to your advantage. Those who thrive professionally apply our business coaching services in their everyday life.

Reduce stress, effectively segment goals, and better manage your thoughts to become more effective. Be a better boss, an improved employee, or a more effective entrepreneur with business coaching services tailored to fit you and your career like a glove. Integrate our proven corporate coaching to see data-driven results.

Brain Power’s Business Coaching Approach

We specialize in designing coaching programs that use data-driven methods. Each client completes an introductory brain assessment which serves as the foundation for their personalized business coaching services. Brain Power Advisors facilitate growth, help build businesses, and empower individuals to make meaningful changes in their professional lives.

Brain Power Advisors identify strengths in your brain to empower you as a business person. We help managers, team leads, CEOs, and new associates evaluate their workplace performance and assess core competencies. By understanding how your brain works and processes information, you have more control over how you react and channel energy.

  • Effective goal-setting.

Learn how to effectively set goals that are aligned with your priorities and career trajectory. Navigate obstacles, diffuse conflicts, and negotiate in meetings with increased confidence using a strong toolkit.

  • Visualization.

Brain Power Advisors integrates learning, visualization, and development to support you in your role and career. Strengthen and apply your leadership skills to be successful and effectively motivate employees. We help you unlock your potential as a business owner, executive, or employee through the power of visualizing targeted goals.

  • Personalized brain training.

We use evidence-based coaching techniques to develop the skills you already have by using your strengths to their utmost advantage. Business professionals and entrepreneurs choose our business coaches to reach important goals, grow businesses, manage stress, and build confidence.

Brain Power Advisors use empowering business coaching methods that strengthen your mindset and help you adapt to transitions, obstacles, and professional changes.

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Our business coaching firm specializes in leadership development, personal brand and career development, mental training, and more for residents of Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and the rest of the Triad area. Brain Power Advisors help you choose smart, measurable goals to track actual progress. Strengthen and grow your business or career by focusing on your core priorities. Learn how to become more motivated, successful, and confident in the workplace.


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Entrepreneurs, successful executives, business owners, and professional associates choose Brain Power Advisors for personalized business coaching services, time, and time again. Be sure to read our testimonials to learn more about the powerful impact we have on individuals and businesses.

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