Science-Driven Brain Assessment With A Corporate Psychologist

Many individuals are familiar with personality tests or corporate psychology surveys. Companies will oftentimes request potential employees to take these behavioral tests in order to determine whether they’re a good fit for the position or organization. Other businesses may use psychological questionnaires to better understand their existing staff members strengths and weaknesses.

Subjective cognitive tests can be useful for certain situations. However, many of them are flawed and can potentially result in skewed or inaccurate behavior profiles. Which means you might miss out on hiring or promoting the perfect candidate

The neuropsychologists at Brain Power Advisors have developed a Complete Brain Assessment that has been scientifically validated to deliver more precise profiles about cognitive patterns. By participating in our Brain Assessment programs, individuals, professionals, and businesses can gain powerful insights that enhance professional performance.

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Objective Vs. Subjective Brain Assessments

Subjective brain assessments and personality tests require individuals to fill out surveys and questionnaires about themselves. These typically ask people what they think their capabilities are, how they might respond in different situations, and what they consider to be their intellectual or emotional strengths. Some popular subjective tests used in corporate settings include:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • DiSC Behavior Inventory
  • SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire
  • Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)
  • Caliper Profile

Although these tests can be helpful and allow survey-takers the opportunity to examine their own emotions and motivations they are subjective. Many cognitive questionnaires classify individuals into standardized groups (e.g. participants may fall into one of four basic categories) and fail to identify the unique character traits or behaviors that are specific to any given individual.

Our Brain Assessments Are Conducted By A Board-Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist

Objective brain assessments measure a person’s capabilities and strengths based on actual, real data - as opposed to what an individual thinks about themselves. Brain Power Advisors take advantage of objective assessments to specifically highlight what is different about each person. Our Complete Brain Assessment allows us to coach individuals using personalized techniques to enhance performance, address limiting doubts, improve memory, and more.

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Our Standardized Way To Measure Cognitive Profiles

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The neuropsychologists at Brain Power Advisors measure assessment results based on standardized scores. Each person’s capabilities are compared to those of a sample group of peers. By contrasting data points between an individual and others of the same age, gender, race, education level, etc., our corporate psychologists can learn much more about how that person’s brain processes information.

Corporate Psychology Backed By Data-Driven Results

Each client’s results are complex and unique to them. Our Brain Assessment methods measure 44 individual data points that connect and interact with each other. Our neuropsychologists analyze every result to recognize behavioral patterns, identify cognitive strengths, and locate potential blind spots or areas that require improvement.

Brain Power Advisors doesn’t group clients together into categories. We approach each client as they are: a unique individual with distinctive characteristics.

Investigate How Your Brain Processes And Stores Information

Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to develop a greater understanding of how your mind can best process information with our Brain Assessment. Together we can enhance certain brain functions like concentration, memory, communication, and perception.

Being able to predict information processing in the mind is an incredible competitive advantage in the workplace. Many corporate psychologists, also known as industrial-organizational psychologists, use data from objective brain assessments in order to solve problems, enhance productivity, and improve employee motivational styles. The neuropsychologists at Brain Power Advisors understand how to apply corporate psychology to benefit:

  • Companies, organizations, or corporations
  • Motivated associates
  • Executives and high-level directors
  • Managers
  • And more

Our corporate psychologists investigate the neurological circuits that carry the signals to and from your brain. By having a greater understanding of your brain, you have more control over your reactive behaviors and how you perceive your immediate environment.

Working With A Licensed Neuropsychologist

Become a more effective leader, analyze situations faster, and have a clearer perception of what motivates you with a clinical assessment conducted by a licensed neuropsychology specialist. We can interpret and correlate the sequences between your unique 44 data points to give you a powerful look into how your brain works.

Let Us Help Unlock Your Potential To Be Highly Effective At Achieving Lasting And Positive Change

Call us or contact us online for more information about our Complete Brain Assessment and how it can unlock your hidden potential. We specialize in neuropsychology and corporate psychology, and have helped thousands of clients learn more about themselves. Start enhancing your life today with an insightful understanding of your own mind.